“Alaskan Attitudes” is my story of my life on a Spruce Island homestead, close to the island of Kodiak.  I spent 20 years living on Spruce Island in a house I helped build.  I lived by myself much of the time, and the book details my adventures while adapting to wilderness living.  I developed attitudes of persistence, patience, and positive thinking, allowing me to overcome any obstacles I found in my way.  With the help of friends, I built a house and a lifestyle that I found extremely satisfying.  My 20 years on Spruce Island were among the high points in my life.

This book sells for $14.00 plus a flat rate priority shipping amount of $6.00.  If you would like it signed, please specify the name or names to be included in the dedication.  You may order the book directly through me, if you wish.  Go to my “About Me” page to get contact information, or purchase it from my eBay store, “The Peddler’s Pack.”

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