Halibut gave Fisherman three wishes if he’d let Halibut swim free.  Fisherman wished for a fine house for his fishwife.

“Go home, it’s yours.”

For a year the fishwife complained.  “Go back to the halibut and ask for wealth and property to go with our fine house.”

At last, Fisherman went to the ocean and called Halibut.

“What do you wish, Fisherman?”

“My fishwife says we need wealth and property to go with our fine house.”

“Go home, it’s yours.”Hal3

Another year passed. Fisherman called again to Halibut.

“What is your third wish, Fisherman?”

“Please, Halibut, heed my last request.  Managing all this wealth is the task of another man, not I.  All these parties and rich foods are ruining my health, and I have no time to fish.  If you please, Halibut, take the fishwife and all her wealth and give me back my simple cottage by the sea and my dory to ride the waves.”

“Done,” said Halibut.  And they never spoke to each other again.

Hal Brace1Artist Pat Pearlman, who lived in Alaska for many years, has created sterling silver halibut earrings and a bracelet of linked silver halibut.  The earrings sell for $55.00 and the linked halibut in a bracelet for $165.00.  The halibut measure one inch long; there are seven halibut in the bracelet, which measures 7.5 inches long.  Free first class shipping is included for either of these items.


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