Alaska is a land of magic and mystery. It is very true that “strange things are done ‘neath the midnight sun.” This column will be an ongoing collection of stories from the Alaskan mystique, designed to amuse and amaze you. Visit it each week for a new installment.

WOMAN PUNCHES BEAR TO SAVE DOG:  In Juneau, not far from my home in Gustavus, black bears sometimes roam the streets.  A young woman let her dogs out for their nightly run when she realized there was a black bear outside.  When the bear grabbed her dachshund, she feared for her pet’s life.  She ran over to the bear and punched it right in the nose toblack-bear-50293_640 make it let go of her dog.

The bear had the dog in its mouth like it was carrying a salmon.  The young woman’s boyfriend came out of the house when he heard the commotion.  He said the bear looked startled after being punched and released the dog.  The young woman grabbed her pet from the bear, and the large animal went down the driveway and disappeared into the bushes.

Now, there’s a woman with some oomph in her punch!



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