Sir John Suckling created cribbage in the early 1600s.  It is derived from an earlier game called “noddy.”  Sir John, an English courtier, poet, and gambler, and an expert at cards, dice, and bowls, developed the game with personal gain in mind.  He went around the country playing the local gentry at cribbage for money, accumulating large winnings.

Prior to the invention of cribbage, other games also used the same
Paduak sm. boardboard for scoring.  To count a score, each player moves a pair of pegs up the outside and down the inside of the board.  The peg in front marks the current score, while the rear peg marks the previous score.  The game is commonly played with two players, but may include three or four.

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A product of Heartwood Creations in Illinois, the board is available in either maple or  paduak (an African hardwood.) Two attractive strips of inlay decorate the length of the board.  Turn the board over to see the hidden storage compartment holding pegs and the playing cards.  The board measures 12 inches x 3 1/2 inches x 1 1/4 inch.

You are sure to be a winner with this excellent board.

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